On the green hillock of a luxuriant hill, which was chosen by Cicerone and Attico as their holiday resort, which offered Fabio Massimo and Hannibalís army hospitality, during their leisure time in Capua, in one of the most beautiful environmental contexts of the Region Campania, the farmholidays " Colleverde" is situated near the XIX century country house, the land owner's house. The farm, managed accurately, is renowned for its delicious wine, and it is an area where there are many fields under cultivation: olive groves, hazel groves, cherry orchards and other varieties of fruit trees.





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Tel.(00 39) 823876510

Fax: (00 39) 823 876074

Via Salomoni

81050 PONTELATONE  (Italy)

   E-mail: agricolleverde1@virgilio.it